Tas Agronomy Plus
Po Box 19 Hagley TAS 7292
Seona Findlay  Mob:0428922106  A/H:63922102
Email: seona.findlay@gmail.com






Tas Agronomy Plus is an independent agronomy business based in Northern Tasmania.

Our business objectives are to provide professional, friendly, reliable, service to our customers in a timely and consistent manner.
Our philosophy and objectives in business are to keep things as simple as possible, so that they are practical; that results are repeatable
to not only make efficiencies and profits for growers but that they are sustainable in the long term.
From both a farm and family health/lifestyle perspective.

We provide independent agronomy advice with a whole of farm approach; boosting farm productivity with long term sustainability in mind.
We are continuing to expand our contract white clover and grass seed production arm of the business, as well as other crop opportunities.
Other main areas in which we are involved include intensive dairy pastures, vegetable seeds,poppies,
processing and fresh market vegetables, lucerne, dryland pastures and broadacre cropping.    


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